San Quintin

We left Ensenada in the late morning intending to sail about 30 miles to Punta Baja. We planned to anchor overnight there and, unless it made us say “wow”, to continue on to San Quintin in the morning. It was wide open and full of swell but we were about to drop the hook for rest anyways when we saw people carrying large white bags from the village, by hand, across rocks, to a location about 2 miles from the village. They were piling the white bags near a slot in the cliff face, right where we were going to anchor, and in an area that looked beachable by small boat.

Aquaculture is the most likely explanation, but just in case it was big bags o’drugs, we thought, maybe anchoring at the drop-off/pick-up isn’t the wisest course of action so we’ll do an overnight. Lovely sail most of the rest of the way to San Quintin which we made just after dawn.

No, I did not break out my telephoto lens and take copious pictures. Ahem.

San Quintin self-portraitSan Quintin was both lovely and a bit of a bummer. The bummer part is we had hoped to kiteboard but there was a Southerly swell making beaching our kayak difficult and kiteboarding out of the question for two beginners.

On the other hand we discovered that if you meet someone nice enough, and there is nowhere safe to leave your kayak, you might get a ride to the local happy hour. THANK YOU CB!

CB in San Quintin

P1030010 (1280x960)

LobsterWhile at happy hour we hung out with a community of ex-pats over cheap beers. We learned a lot about Mexico and ex-pats at the same time.

We also saw an absolutely enormous lobster than one of the men had recently purchased (not the man in the photo). YEEGADS! I included the small dog on the bottom right for reference. I can’t imagine how old this thing must be to have grown to this size.

We spent a bunch of afternoons lazing about on deck in the sunshine but every morning until noon we had grey, damp marine layer and we decided that, without kiteboarding, it was time to continue moving SOUTH.


  1. Did you guys anchor out in the bay or went in?

  2. We anchored out in the bay. We spent two nights on the NW side by the peninsula and lagoon entrance and then two nights on the NE side (where we met the RV crowd).

  3. Chuck and Jackie on AriaNovember 2, 2011 at 7:32:00 PM PDT

    What were they growing in all those covered fields just east of your anchorage. I pulled up your location at work and one of my coworkers zeroed right in on those covered fields ( he had seen them before ).

    I ran into the RV expats 25 years ago in Jalisco, a very strange mix of retirees, hippies and Captain Ron types waiting for the statute of limitations to run out. Not to mention the worst of the worst timeshare condo sales people who would sell there own mother a $50,000 contract at 14% interest to just to collect the $300 commission.

  4. Coworker from the lower mainland

    Grammar police there -> their

    shouldn't comment after a full day of middleware programming aka web janitor and 3 Scotches.

  5. No idea about the covered fields. We walked just a few hundred meters inland to the North of where we anchored to the RV park. Let me know if you find out.

  6. That is one mondo lobster for sure!!!




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