Cedros Island

We anchored in a beautiful cove at the very West end of Bahia del Sur on Cedros Island -our anchorage at Cedrosgorgeous, wind swept, crashing surf, beautiful water, full of wildlife. It felt a lot like our beset times in British Columbia. The bad news is that it was windier in that corner than it was outside of the anchorage and the swell was pounding the shore meaning that we couldn’t beach the dinghy or kayak. Also, the co-op fisherman were right beside their co-op and couldn’t sell us any lobster on the side. We did give away some toys to one of the fisherman that we flagged over (they did not approach us) and who mentioned having children. We would like to give a shout out to SV Galatea who gave us some toys to give to children we met in Mexico.

How do you meet people while cruising? All sorts of ways. SV IslenaFor example, while at San Quintin there was another boat there for a few nights. I went to our VHF radio and hailed “boat anchored in San Quintin, this is Estrellita.” They responded and we went to a working channel and exchanged stories. They were near us on the overnight to Cedros and we chatted a few times more on radio. After we were shut down in our attempts to anchor at Islas San Benitos (kelp beds extended to keep our possible anchorage depth over 70 feet and too much swell for our taste, we hailed them and joined them at their favorite spot on Cedros. The next night, after resting from our overnight passages, we had them over for wine and good conversation.

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  1. We are super envious.

    Currently anchored in the Rhode River in Maryland. It's cold! Was 39 this morning. Expecting frost tonight.

    Wishing we were down south too.

    Have a great time.



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