Rays - Prisoner's Bay, Santa Cruz Island


Anyone know what kind of rays are in this video? There were dozens of these in Prisoner's Bay sunning themselves (?) in the shallow water. There were also dozens of small sharks, we think Leopard sharks, but some type of bottom feeder shark. We kept our hands out of the water around the sharks just in case.

Prisoner's Bay was nice. We would have preferred I think to be in Pelican Bay but it was packed. We arrived on a weekend morning. By Sunday afternoon both anchorages had mostly cleared out. We left Prisoner's to head to another anchorage on Santa Cruz Island - Little Scorpion.


  1. Glad to see you went to Santa Cruz Island, it's on our list... Did you get a permit, or are you just not going ashore? We're pondering. (We plan on exploring there and Santa Rosa Island, and jump straight to Catalina Island and avoid L.A. What about you guys?

  2. We did not get a permit to the nature conservancy - they wanted to mail the permit to our postal address so we didn't have time. If you go to the left of the dock at Prisoner's anchorage it is park land and we were told by the park staff we called that we did not need a permit. So, we confined ourselves to Prisoners and East of Prisoners.

    If we were going to spend more time there it might be worth trying to get the permit but we found plenty to do for our 3 nights there.

    We are in Redondo, moving to Long Beach today. We're enjoying our free yacht club recips while we have them. LB for 3(?) nights or so and then probably Catalina after that.

    Do you have winlink/sailmail? Shoot us an email with the address if you do.

  3. I am pretty sure they are Bat Rays...If you dont mind me asking, who gave you recips in Redondo....we are heading that way in the morning.

  4. Hi SV Eagle, It was Kings Harbor YC (one night free). Bat rays...cool. L



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