Anchoring is not that complicated

Ok, I am hijacking the blog from Livia. That's what happen when you leave me for 4 days :). This is a continuation of the "Letter to the void". Nothing against California, I am really having a good time here and we are meeting great people. But! I have never had to tell other boats to move away until we got here. What's up?

Here my exact words during these experiences (5 so far):

First, inside the boat:

-You got to be F... kidding me!
-You have a F... ocean to anchor in and you dropped right next to me?
-At least you can power back into anchor to set it!

Then I say: "Hello, we are a little bit too close, don't you think?"

Then the "2 watts" answer:

- I have good insurance.
- Not my first rodeo...

So, why the hell are we 1 boat length apart an hour later? Now I have to move because you are not on your boat. Of course, a few swear words are added to the mix.

We heard that comment many times in the IWAC: "Do not anchor too close to anyone when able". Why does people still do it? I have only witness one unreasonable moving request in the past 4 years, and the dude still moved. This tell me that if you get told that you are too close, you probably are. So, if you want to be invited for a beer, do not anchor too close to me, I'll even provide the gas for your dinghy ride  :).

Now, time to go enjoy the beach!



  1. You are so good at saying "get away from us" in a nice way. I'm working on it. Of course, with some of these people perhaps we should have been less nice.

    In CA's defense, after we moved another Californian boat came over and apologized for the boat that anchored too close saying "sorry for your welcome to the US". Ha!

  2. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

    B4 your time a real nice movie set in California. Might give a whole new meaning to swinging at anchor.


    BTW I am lousy at judging distance when dropping anchor and have had to redrop more than I would like to admit, same on the stern tie.

  3. Carol, I have to admit this post mde me laugh and cringe - feel your pain, would have thrown in plenty of expletives too. If we ever catch up to you guys, we'll anchor far off so we can commiserate with you over beers(and you don't even have to supply gas, we row, or beer, we'll bring our own!) Cheers.



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