Horseshoe Cove

I’m skipping our time at Brisbane Marina which was nice, cheap ($10!) and most importantly for us had two of our favorite people at it (Marv & Donna aboard SV Endless).
Horseshoe Cove was windblown in the afternoon when we arrived but calmed down shortly, is a nice looking cove and has this view of the bridge:
P1020715 (1280x959)

Not a shabby way to end our time in San Francisco! Horseshoe Cove is a nice departure location to duck out of the bridge with the correct current/wind conditions and we made nice timing out with the ebb in light winds for a very slow sail to Half Moon Bay. Again, I’m going to skip Half Moon Bay because all we did was overnight there, in the anchorage behind the first breakwater with a full anchorage, mainly derelict boats.

We had a moment of Canadian pride when we were sailing down in light crap wind with a swell, fighting for miles, and the entire time there was another boat trailing us, also fighting for miles under sail. It turned out to be another Canadian flagged vessel SV Sea Whisper whom we met briefly and hope to get to chat with them somewhere warmer.

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