Rock climbing at Lover’s Leap

This is a story of the kind of chance meeting that often happens when you travel. It is also a good example of how you can leave your life open to those type of meetings even when you aren’t traveling.

We made a friend on Craigslist. No, not THAT kind of friend ;)

P1020710 (1280x960)

While shopping for used kiteboarding gear, Carol struck up a conversation with someone who turned out to be a kiteboarding, sailing, rock climber. His name was Dan and he offered to take us climbing the following week near Lake Tahoe and so, we went (Livia – left, Carol – right).

P1020656 (960x1280) P1020679 (960x1280)

The rock was gorgeous, the climbs carefully selected by someone who loves the area (and was willing to play rope gun). And the apres climbing, cold beer river soak, sunset-over-spires watching and greasy tacos were a perfect finish.

P1020702 (960x1280) P1020703 (960x1280) 

Thank you, thank you Dan. May we meet again somewhere more tropical.


  1. Looks awesome guys. Did you bring all of your climbing gear with you?


  2. How did you get your boat to Tahoe?

  3. @Mike - A set of sport gear but the trad gear we left with the folks.
    @Valerie - Very carefully.

  4. I haven't been out in a month (my partner took a 50-foot grounder a few months ago). Still, you just gave me the motivation to head out. Time to set down the mouse and pick up the shoes!

    ... though my taste for lead climbing is slow to return.