San Luis A Bimbo

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Despite a forecast for light winds we were determined to head further South in search of the sun and we motored most of the way to Port San Luis. We anchored right off the town, in front of a sandy beach, and kayaked into town just in time to catch the farmer’s market where we bought a bunch of produce. We also sat down for burgers and beer at a beachfront restaurant and I picked up a new pair of Sanuk flippy floppies made out of yoga mats – extremely comfortable and zebra print to boot.

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P1020741 (1280x960)We slept in late and made a full breakfast of fresh cilantro and tomato scramble over leftover fries with bacon and then set out at about noon for an overnight passage around Point Conception (more on that later) to the Channel Islands. We had another light wind forecast and expected to only sail less than half of the way but as it turns out we were able to sail off our anchor and all of the way into the wee hours of the morning before, about an hour after we rounded Point Conception, the wind died and we motored into a sunrise over the Channel islands.

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