Booze Cruise

Well, we’ve been enjoying California wine. And beer. Carol keeps joking that this was a bad year to try to stop drinking*.

We spent a day wine tasting in Sonoma Valley with Lucy & Jeremy…and the next morning at 10am we followed up our day of wine tasting with an Anchor Brewery Tour which, of course, includes a lot of tasting. Our favorite was, again, the reserve tasting at Chateau St-Jean (top right photo) which we used ad revenue to pay for - thank you clickers!

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P1020501 (1280x960) P1020502 (1280x960)
P1020503 (1280x960) P1020504 (1280x960) P1020505 (1280x960) P1020507 (1280x960)
I would blame the cheeseball photos on the booze intake, but we always take them.
*He hasn’t tried to stop – it’s just a joke. Even funnier than the actual joke is that he keeps making the joke but no one realizes he is joking and there is this really awkward pause after he stops talking (and takes a drink of his alcoholic beverage).

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