Guests Aboard in SF

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One great thing about San Francisco is how easy it was for our friends and family to fly in…and they DID.

We had a bunch of visitors while we were in SF. Some people flew in to see us and others were in California for other reasons and took the time to add us to their itinerary.

205830_2343651867811_1145421905_2884007_6937299_n (720x540)My parents came out for almost a week and we toured the city, ate a lot of great food, enjoyed some good drink and generally caught up with each other.

My friend Amy was already in town to see family and I managed to steal her away for a day and a visit on the boat.

P1020497 (1280x960)We also were able to hang out with people I knew from New York who now live in San Francisco: David & Kim, Alex & Harriet. David & Kim, who recently returned from their own one year around the world tour (by plane, train and bus) went out sailing with us, showed us the town and let us generally abuse their hospitality (and laundry). Alex & Harriet introduced us to the fantastic Pi Bar (which opens at 3:14 pm every day).

Lucy & Jeremy attempted to destroy our livers over a 48 hour period of wine tasting and brewery tours. P1020570 (1280x960)We decided we don’t mind being abused that way.

AND last but not least, my very good friend Jamie snuck away from her family for a long visit and played “retirement” with us. It’s a great game that I encourage all of you to try at home ;)  

We’re ready for our Mexico visitors now!

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