Day 1: Southbound from Tofino

Leaving in the "not too distant future" ended up meaning leaving yesterday at 10:30am. Our weather window came earlier than we had kind of hoped, but we spent a day frantically getting ready and we've now finished our first day at sea.

I can't see land. And not because of fog this time. How cool is that?

What a great departure. We had some mild stress related to leaving the marina. A sailboat grounded on its way out of the marina so we delayed our departure an hour or so for a higher tide. We had a bunch of helpful people ready for our undocking in the strong currents and tight docks of the 4th St Wharf but we slipped out easily. After motoring out of the channels from Tofino to the coast of Vancouver Island, we raised our sails and pointed at 126 W. We've been sailing strong ever since.

While hailing friends on the VHF as we sailed away from Canada, three other boats we've met chimed in on the radio to with us safe journey. Thanks to SVs Rosemond, Osprey and Sven for adding a special personal bon voyage to our departure.

I love this boat. If every passage was like yesterday more people would fall in love with passage making.

Route: Went to 126W from Tofino. Following it South. Plan to jibe around Cape Mendocino.
Conditions: Mostly West wind averaging about 12 knots (apparent) varying from 7 to 20 with West swell. Rolly. Began 24 hours close hauled, mostly have been sailing beam reach.
Most common sail plan: Double reefed main and double reefed genoa.
Mileage: 146 nm sailed in 24 hours with an average speed of 6.0 knots.


  1. Awesome! Love the update and love that I can see where you are (relatively) on the map.

  2. Congrats on the voyage. Can't wait to hear and see you guys (cyber-ly) along the way.

  3. we thought of you today as headed out from Ucluelet not San Francisco. Bon Voyage.

    Alison and Craig
    SV Rosmond

  4. Congrats on taking off, and good luck on the journey. I'm looking forward to following the journey!

  5. I love that: "Plan to jibe around Cape Mendocino" Talk about your long tack...

    Congratulations guys!

    s/v Eolian



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