Day 2: WA & OR Coast

A rainier day yesterday with slightly more difficult sailing winds. The showers marching in from the ocean brought sharp wind increases and then very light winds keeping us on our toes. We both feel less queasy even though the rolling was intense earlier this morning -- enough for the sleeping person to catch some air. Winds have picked up nicely by this morning so things have smoothed out. We've slowed the boat down a bit and have headed a little further offshore this morning to stay clear of some heavier wind expected near the coast tomorrow. The boat is sailing well and we are eating up the miles.

But the important part of the Day 2 was at 10pm last night when we caught a tuna!

You should know that Carol is the fishing instigator in our family. I join in or I help but I don't get the gear out on my own volition. Yesterday, for the very first time I decided to do so. I got out the tuna line still on the rusty cardboard and metal roll and the new green spoon I had picked out and told Carol I was going to catch a tuna. I trailed the line about 100ft behind the boat on the surface. On Carol's next watch he saw a bunch of fishing boats and it made him look at our line and realize we had a fish. After hauling in the tuna we realized we sailed through the night surrounded by dozens of tuna boats each equipped with huge spotlights on their deck. Easy to see and they moved relatively consistently so easy to avoid.

Tuna sushi for lunch today. Pictures of our gorgeous first tuna aboard Estrellita when we get to land.

To watch our progress, click on the "Where are we NOW" link in the box on the upper righthand side of this blog.

Route: We had unexpected SW winds most of the afternoon and evening. We had enough sea room to turn slightly toward shore (up to 140 degrees magnetic at one point) to make the ride more comfortable. The forecast was still calling for N or NW winds. By 2am I was able to turn back just offshore of the original course (180M).
Conditions: Mostly SW wind with long periods of under 10 knots. Still a rolly West sail. Mostly close hauled although we switched to a beam and then broad reach in the early hours of the morning.
Most common sail plan: Double reefed main and some amount of genoa.
Mileage: 132 nm sailed in 24 hours with an average speed of 5.5 knots.

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