Logbook: Between Tumbo & Cabbage Islands

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P1010806 (960x1280)The anchorage between Cabbage and Tumbo Islands is completely open to the North which makes it a spot you can only visit with certain forecasts. An advantage of this spot. for the local boaters, is that you are already on the Strait of Georgia and so can take full advantage of any friendly winds without having to worry about slack tides in any of the passes.

We had a window of a few days of light and variable wind before some stronger SE wind and we took advantage of the opportunity to visit a place we had never been to before in the Gulf Islands.

Great sunset views, nice sand beach and Cabbage Island was fun to wander around. Our energy level after the mega-haulout did not include rowing in the wind to Tumbo although we understand there are trails there. Instead, after walking around tiny Cabbage Island, we spread out a mat and napped and read in the sun for hours. I think it took us the two nights we were there to unwind.

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We would have stayed longer but we were wooed into moving North by a series of Southerly winds in the forecast. We left Tumbo and sailed 60 + miles to Schooner Cove (just North of Nanaimo). We spent a pleasant night at their docks, did some laundry, enjoyed scalding hot free showers and left the next day at noon after a lazy morning.

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