Logbook: Deep Bay on Jedediah Island

Jedediah Island was beautiful. I wish we could have stayed in Deep Bay longer but we were chased out by strong winds. We aren’t a huge fan of being stern tied in anything but light or no wind. Instead, after one night we came back from our day hike and realized the wind was picking up and we sailed to the N tip of Lasqueti Island to Spring Bay for a night. But, back to Deep Bay…

P1010828 (1280x960)

P1010816 (960x1280) P1010822 (960x1280)

The island is full of critters (more one those in another post). Otherwise, it is one of those classic, beautiful BC anchorages with mossy hills overlooking the waterways, multiple small coves with interesting beaches and rock formations and a rich smell of rainforest and kelp warmed by the summer sun.

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I don’t imagine many people get the island all to themselves when there is warm air and sunshine and we were delighted to have a sunny day there, mid-week, before the summer rush.

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  1. This makes me a bit homesick for the Northwest. Great pictures of a beautiful place, and I can imagine PEREGRINA tied to the shore. I will be following ... --TIM