Into the Light

I find myself a little more starstruck in sailing than in other domains of my life. Perhaps it is because for a few years it was books about voyages that fed my dream and so I feel more connected to the authors than with other books. I spent a lot of time living vicariously through various sailors circumnavigations, S Pacific voyages or Arctic visits. One of the books that I read early on, was Into the Light by Dave & Jaja Martin. It is a tale about a family cruising in high latitudes - a family of 5, in a 33 foot boat, in the Arctic ice if you can believe that.

I mention this because I recently had the honor of interviewing them for the IWAC project. The interview came out this week and if you haven't seen it, do check it out.



  1. Not to get too picky, but Iceblink was the movie that they did. The book they wrote is titled "Into the Light". Both are very much worth the price, even for us cheap sailors on a budget.

  2. Thank you! My memory is short. I haven't seen the video yet. Glad to hear it is also worth it. I've corrected the post.

  3. You're welcome. If we meet up in April or May we have the video on board and can watch it over drinks.