The sweet spot

I have had two days of sailing in a row where the winds were in the sweet spot for our boat. If the wind is variable in strength (and when isn't it in this area?), there is this sweet spot where the low end of the wind range is enough to keep the vessel moving smartly, but the high end of the wind strength range is not so high that you have to reduce sail.

I've had two great days of wind in this range (for us 6 to 14 knots apparent when in protected waters). One day of beating against a current in the bracing cold which was made enjoyable by the fact that I didn't have far to go, had plenty of daylight to make the miles, and the sun decided to come out for the entire day. And then a second day of cloudy but warm weather where I had the wind at my back for the entire day. Other than a jibe and a preventer switch there was not much to do that second day except sip tea and enjoy the scenery.

I have no experience sailing on different types of boats, and I'm heavily biased, but I love how our girl sails.

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