Singlehand Your Boat

That's my advice. If you haven't done so already, take your boat out, on your own. I mean, if you own a boat, get out there and own your boat.

Yesterday* I (Livia) took SV Estrellita 5.10b from Victoria to Cadboro Bay. This is a short distance so despite the fact that I was going to weather** it took a half day. It was probably my 5th or 6th time singlehanding.

The trip reminded me how much fun I have sailing on my own***. Lest you worry about my marriage, I couldn't imagine single handed cruising - not for me, I have the perfect co-captain in my life - but a day sail or short overnight trip by myself is both fun and empowering. I un-docked the boat solo which I had only done once before, anchored and raised anchor for the third time solo and sailed from harbor exit to harbor entrance.

In a sense, all couples who have watch systems are single handing but taking a watch is different, both because you have another person as a safety net and also because it is a different emotional experience when you are the sole human on board. I prepare much differently when I am going out solo than when I am going out with Carol and however much fun I have being with my beloved, I get something from being the sole captain that I can't get with him on board.

If you are a cruising couple or liveaboards, that isn't an excuse. You can still send your SO out for coffee or beers on another boat or on land while you take the boat out. They'll cope.

You can do it.

*This is one of those rare posts that I'm actually writing and posting on the same day. Thank you Royal Victoria Yacht Club internet.
**Non-boaters this is another yachtie euphemism for wind in the wrong direction.
***Except when I'm stupid.

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  1. Captain, this was truly salty and rates 5 Arrrrrs!

    - SH Aspirant



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