San Josef Bay – Kayaking and A Pocket Beach


We moved only a mile or two directly East from Sea Otter Cove to San Josef Bay in the middle of the afternoon and immediately jumped in the kayak and went to the main beach where we saw a field of boulders that we were dying to climb – more on that later. We walked up and down the long, powder sand beach watching the campers roll in. We realized that it was Friday and that people were hiking in for a weekend at the campsites. Most of them were camping on the beach and it looks like a great place to hike into. You can also canoe or kayak down the river to the campsite which looks like a great way to haul a load of gear.


The next day we decided to head out via kayak into a ocean swell. This is the first time we’ve been out in the inflatable in a swell and we were cautious. We spent half a day exploring the coastline while in the kayak including a bunch of small sea caves and “pocket” beaches – small sandy beaches tucked into an otherwise rugged coastline. We picked our favorite beach and on the return trip stopped in for lunch, some barefoot climbing and mussel picking.

IMGP2525 IMGP2527

It’s been alternately cloudy and sunny but not grey and foggy like our few days at Sea Otter Cove. The main beach absorbs the heat of the sun and it was definitely t-shirt and shorts weather when we were there. If you notice us wearing our big red foul weather bibs a lot it is to save our butts from the water in the seat of the kayak as often as it is for weather.

- L

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