San Josef Bay – Mt Patrick Hike

IMG_4640 IMG_4664

The hike was 10K RT (reportedly and it felt about that) with 1400ft elevation gain. Most of the trail was in an inch to a foot of loamy muck between tree roots. It was a dirty, ankle breaker of a slog…yet the path took you through thick rich rainforest

IMG_4642 IMG_4643

With huge trees, moss and mushrooms

IMG_4651 IMG_4644

in which we found salmon berries and huckleberries

IMG_4652 IMG_4646

to a stunted forest


and a summit with a view of the Pacific ocean and our last anchorage.

IMG_4658 IMG_4663

Hard to say if we would recommend it or not. I’m not a huge fan of hikes that are so technically demanding that you have to keep your head down focused on the path the entire time. It takes away from my enjoyment of the hike. If it has been dry lately (rare around here) then definitely I would do it again. On the other hand, the hike was gorgeous and I’ve only seen a stunted forest one other time (near Tofino).


- Livia


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