Logbook: Rounding Cape Scott and Sea Otter Cove

This is going to be a long one kids.


Cape Scott is the NW tip of Vancouver Island and can be very rough. The incoming current splits in two directions to go behind the island and down its outside and the mixing, the often heavy winds, and the ocean swell can combine to make it a big rite of passage for boaters.

We had a forecast for 20-25 knot winds and 2 meter swells. We woke up before dawn, and got all dressed up for the party (jackline on the boat, tethers on PFDs, etc) but instead of big seas, we ended up having a soothing sail in 15 knot winds and a mild swell. Relaxing and, as mentioned in the critter report, with a visit from a whale.

We joke about the magic that is the W Coast of Vancouver Island. Our one trip there was 3 days in Barkley Sound after a trip into the ocean. During those 3 days we saw orcas, whales and dolphins, kayaked with whales, found a perfect shell beach, caught a crab that crawled up on that beach by HAND, caught salmon, had dolphins pace us for hours playing in our bow wave and had a fantastic downwind sail down the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were amazed at how much coolness was packed into such a short period of time.

So, it was amusing that the moment we rounded the Cape we had a whale visit us. As we entered Sea Otter Cove we were paced by a curious otter and in the last 24 hours have been visited by eagles, a bear, more otters and herons and we found a patch of mussels that were just ridiculous (and tasty).



Sea Otter cove is nice looking at the head but when you look back at the mouth it is lovely. You see tons of islets and rocks (through which you must navigate to enter) and the full force of the Pacific Swell crashing on the rocks at the opening. On the East side is a long sandy-at-high-tide beach and Mt Patrick.

IMGP2492 IMGP2486 IMGP2489

We are surrounded by gale force winds, rain and fog and still are having a great time. It is so beautiful here that we don’t mind putting on our rain gear and setting out in the kayak. We kayaked all over our first day here. With strong winds forecast for the next few days Carol put up the full enclosure on our cockpit and we plan to stay put, hike, kayak and have a lot of coffee and cocoa in the cockpit with the binoculars watching the wildlife. Did I mention that I love this place?


- L

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