Critter Report

A big few weeks on the critter front.

First up, was the whale that surfaced 30 feet to our starboard. It was the size of our boat and about one boat length away. It was so cool  to see a whale that close and yet, so freaky. Please don’t crush us nice whale! No photo. It surfaced a few times further away and then seemed to be pacing us for a while about .5 miles behind.

Next, we have the bear. About as close as I want to be to Boo-Boo the black bear thankyouverymuch.


Then, we have the bald eagle which we see all of the time but this was very close. We were kayaking up to see this above water at low tide sea cave and noticed an eagle fishing in the tidal pool. This photo is taken with our little crappy camera, no zoom to speak of.


And some mighty hunters…a pair of herons. If we could catch fish like they can, we would be set.


And some long orange billed birds hunting in the kelp beds that I understand are called oyster catchers:

- Livia

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  1. Wow!! Beautiful! My Scott will be extremely jealous, he is dying to cruise where you guys are right now...for now we'll just stick with the tropics, but one day!