CMAP chart correction – Sea Otter Cove

Sea Otter cove is a bit of a tight entrance, although well marked, and appeared to us to have lower depths than the chart indicates. Once inside we had a moment of confusion until we realized that the CMAP chart has the mooring buoys in the incorrect position. The 4 yellow rectangular markers are the buoys as marked by CMAP and the red line with the yellow dots is the correct location of the buoys (NOTE: the yellow dots are approximate and NOT on the correct depth necessarily. We did NOT sound them.)


We anchored just South of the actual buoy and to the West of the charted rock.

- Livia


  1. Does CMAP provide users of their software a means to get corrections like this in to them? I sure hope so...

    It takes just one error to shake your faith in the charts, doesn't it?


  2. Livia,
    I am not sure if all cruisers are aware that those buoys aren't maintained ,but that's probably why you anchored.
    We have found ourselves merrily sailing across virtual bits of land in various places on the BC coast which illustrates charting inaccuracies and the potential for catastrophe with e-navigation.

  3. @Bob - I believe you have to pay for chart updates...of course.
    @Steve - I didn't know that actually. We just prefer to avoid the mussel/barnacle coated buggers generally unless they are there to protect the bottom or in a deep provincial/state park (like Jones Island).

  4. If I recall correctly, where they are showing those four on the chart is where another set of four used to be. Local lore has it that they were removed simply by cutting the moorings, leaving the anchors and chains littering the bottom at that location. So... good to know where they were, even if they are not longer there. Although, in our ignorance, we anchored pretty close to that spot last year and didn't snag anything.

  5. @Scott - Thanks. That is my understanding as well from chatting with other folks who have been around for longer than we have.



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