You can teach a man to fish, or give him some

At Port Hardy’s dock, Carol struck up a conversation about fishing with our neighbor aboard SV Storenson. We caught salmon once (Coho) by simply trailing a line behind the boat and Carol has been doggedly doing so ever since. Our neighbor gave him some suggestions and guidelines and then came back, knocked on our boat, and asked if we wanted a slice from one of his previous day’s catch. Um, yes please! Carol came back from their boat with a hunk of fresh salmon nearly the size of his head.


Pinks, as these type of salmon are called, are not as coveted by fishermen as Chinook or Coho, but when they are fresh out of the ocean, as a gift from a stranger, in our humble opinion they beat any salmon on the market. We had fresh flakey salmon for lunch today, will be having salmon for dinner tonight and still have a huge salmon steak (big enough for two) to put in the freezer for later in the week.


Yum, yum, yum. THANK YOU to SV Storenson!


  1. We're trying to instill fear in them, not terribly successfully.