North Olympic Discovery (Half) Marathon

On a non-sailing note, I wanted to congratulate my Mother on her first half marathon!

After two days of the Wauquiez Rendezvous, Carol single handed the boat back to Victoria and I went to Sequim to run with my Mom to Port Angeles through rain forest and along the ocean. It was beautiful.

I ran with her as her support person, non-expert coach and water fetcher. I had only run 4 times since my first marathon last October and I am nicely sore today.

NODM Half Marathon

I made sure to fly the colors on the run ;)

Running with pirates

Carol leaving Port Townsend. We are starting to really get "cruiser butt" which I am not the biggest fan of but can't figure a way around.

Carol single handing

- Livia


  1. Cure for Cruiser's Butt: "Light" beer and TRX


  2. I'm not sure the Hydrovane or the solar panels can get any skinnier but that outboard is a fatty ;)

  3. Next... jumping out of an airplane?