Dear Friends & Family

Dear Friends & Family,

You should come visit at some point. We expect you to know that you are permanently invited and as we travel you should contact us if there is a place at which you want to meet us and we will tell you if the logistics work out. We won't invite people every few months - we'll expect you to stalk our progress and suggest a rendezvous.
When friends and family come to visit we will stuff them in the aft cabin unless they are too creaky to maneuver inside in which case we set up and take down the bed in the main salon each evening and morning.

This picture of our good friends Jamie, Ella & Tyler (currently gallivanting around Buenos Aires) gives you a sense of the size (or lack of size!) of our aft cabin.

Sincerely, Team Giddyup


  1. Fear not. We know how to find you, and we are ready to enjoy your company in various locations.

  2. creaky? CREAKY! You're calling us CREAKY! OK, we are, but that's almost a challenge to try to get up there again.... got a step ladder?

  3. @Everyone - dude, sweet.

    @Valerie - We have a fender step, does that count?

  4. I'm hoping for a rendezvous in the southern half of North America in 2011 or so.

  5. We can't think of a better way to say it! We'll need to remember this when we take off.