Frantic pre-cruising preparation

Our cruise is sponsored by Kirkland (a la Costco), or at least it should be.

Pre-Cruising Costco run

My oh my, we had a doozy of a Costco run yesterday. We didn't need to do a big provisioning trip. We'll be in BC and WA for the near future and we'll still be in Costco range through Mexico.

However, to learn how much this boat can store, because we have a car right now, because we are at a dock right now, and because it is so fun and cruiser-like, we did a HUGE Costco trip with the aim of buying the bulk of our non-perishables for the next 5 or 6 months. Rest assured, those are not actually two boxes full of Marie Calendar pot pies - just transport boxes for other stuff.

Apres Costco, we did a normal grocery store run...and a drug store run...and a liquor store run...and a run to several marine stores.

Let it not be said that we somehow managed to avoid the week-before-cruising-hemorrhaging-of-money. No sir, we did not.

We are just barely still on our water line and our nose is higher than the stern. At least we managed to balance port and starboard since our last gear addition. Time to re-arrange the heavy stuff.

At least we won't run out of bacon ;)

- Livia


  1. Running out of bacon would be a HUGE catastrophe. :)

    I am excited for you guys!!!

  2. So, three weeks in, I wonder if you will be saying, "Do you remember where we put the ___?"

  3. How is it already launch time!?!?!?! Remind me of your phone situation - is it talk now or nearly never? So exciting!

  4. Hold on a minute there. I see a case of San Pellegrino, and it makes me wonder, do you know about the joys of Soda Club? Swifty and I haven't bought seltzer or any other sparkly drink since.

  5. Did I miss something or was there a retirement involved somewhere along the way here?

  6. @Mike - Is there a radio call code for a bacon emergency?
    @Bob - It won't take 3 weeks :)
    @Sarah - We have our cell until August at least.
    @Hedda - Nice. We don't actually drink that much soda (hence 24 cans for 6 months). I know some boats that drink a lot make room for their own soda maker.
    @Jessica - 4 days!!! This Tuesday is a virtual Bon Voyage here.



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