Last minute stuff

I know that when you are doing any kind of trip the last minute details always take more time than you think and that is where we are right now. Having read a ton of first hand reports of sailing voyages and doing my own travel I was kind of expecting this. Honestly, although tiring, it isn't as bad as I was worried about. Carol is a champ and a work horse, pushing when I'm ready to keel over.

The list includes some very important but could be done later things:
- a decision to push to get our solar panels wired as well as mounted (done!)
- buy new end fitting for spinnaker pole
- buy materials to re-do running back stays with synthetic rigging
- buy new tow ring for dinghy + special hypalon glue (broke ours towing when we shouldn't have)

Some things that are easier at the dock but not critical:
- shock treating fresh water tanks with bleach + rinse
- laundering infrequently laundered but bulky items
- enormous Costco etc run

And things that have come up at the last minute:
- sudden fear of not having meningitis vaccine instilled by Carol's doctor so Livia makes last minute appointment, then cancels it
- citizenship card comes in so Livia quickly gets passport process pushed through
- multiple faxes regarding a parking ticket because Livia punched in the wrong number for the parking spot when she paid the meter
- a million little things for Carol related to retirement and signatures and paperwork

Once we have propane, have picked up various orders, had my injection, and partied, we are ready to go next week. Free at last. 

Bon voyage party here on Tuesday - save the date :)

- Livia


  1. How exciting for you! It is all coming together, finally.

    "... and partied" Indeed.

  2. We wish we were going to be there to join in the party.

  3. Carolyn & Tim DeCookJune 12, 2010 at 5:09:00 PM PDT

    Hi Livia: Have a great Bon voyage party.
    We came across the Strait of Juan de Fuca this morning on Saratoga. We stopped for a few items in Friday Harbor and now are in Deer Harbor.

    Where are you now? Have a safe cruise and a minimum of rain.

    Cheers, Carolyn and Tim

  4. Hi Carolyn & Tim, Thank you! We leave Victoria Wednesday morning and are heading into the Gulf Islands - not sure where yet. We'll have Carol's mother with us. - Livia



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