Keeping it hot


Because we are going to winter mostly at anchor, we thought it was a good time to pull out the heating unit and give it some TLC. We have a Wallas forced air (blowing fan) diesel furnace with two vents – one aft at the navigation table and one forward near the v-berth.

It is tucked away near the stern underneath our propane locker – this means boat yoga. Carol’s turn!


It opened easily:

Carol carefully cleaned out the burner and we decided to replace the “wick” which in our case is a glass mat circle (new and old here – the old mat broke while Carol removed it):


We also bought a second spare mat and a spare glow pin. Those are, apparently, the most often needed spares.  Putting it back together was a puzzle. Everything slides back in but you have to hold all of the other bits while sliding in later bits or…JENGA!  Definitely a two-person four-handed job.

More boat yoga by Carol, remounted, tested et voila – we have a tuned up heater.


  1. Wow! Leaving in one day. What a feeling that must be. Congratulations! Our friends at Zero to Cruising mentioned you and we wanted to wish you "Bon Voyage"! We'll continue to follow your adventures, as we're working on doing the same thing. Getting the sailboat in shape right now!

  2. Good luck with your prep and thank you!

  3. Uh oh. You mean there are maintenance items inside those things? Wonder if our Webasto is the same. Hmmm.. OTOH, since we're headed south instead of north, maybe this is an item I'll shelve for later since the furnace is working just fine right now.