Do you personally pronounce this word booo-eee or boy? I'm a booo-eee speaker.

Sea Lion - Port Townsend

Sometimes you can use the tilt of markers to tell which way the current is going and how strong. Once we saw this huge marker tilted over at a 45 degree angle and were worried until we saw a huge fat sea lion on it.

Here is a smaller sea lion making a smaller angle on a buoy as we came by Port Townsend on our way to the Wauquiez Rendezvous this year.


  1. Reading your blog is such a treat. I continue to enjoy your posts and photos! Keep em coming!

  2. We agree with Kathy... your blog is a lot of fun and it's even (almost) DAILY!!! We will use your efforts as inspiration when we finally get our boat purchased and in BC waters.

    Buoy... we like "boy"... as in buoyage!

    Carol & Lance

  3. I'm a booo-eee man myself.

    There used to be a floating cage anchored just outside the breakwater at Shilshole - with hee gate left open. It was always filled to overflowing with a blubbery horde of barking, groaning, snorting sea lions. This cacophany faded into the background for us, because it was always there, day and nite.

    Periodically, some official-looking folks would come and close the gate, and tow the full cage off... somewhere. So for a few days, it was unnaturally quiet. Then the cage was returned and immediately filled up again.

    The cage is gone now. Strangely, I kind of miss the noise.

  4. I prefer "girl", why should the buoys get to name it?

  5. Bo-ey.

    Then again, I say mains'l and heads'l too, which my wife Rebecca hates.


  6. You guys are funny - and thanks!