Bon Voyage Party!!!

Mile 0

If ever a title deserved 3 exclamation points, this is it. Zero days to cruising*! We made it! Woooohooo! Holy crap. We're stunned.

With friends spread across great distances, Carol and I are having a virtual Bon Voyage party (and Carol's retirement) right here and YOU** are invited.

Come in, say hi, tell us what you would like to drink, make yourself comfortable, wear non-marking shoes, share a story, tell us about a friend's or your own adventure, share a tradition, give advice, warn us off, whatever you like.

In a traditional leave taking, family might give letters and trinkets that could be opened at various stages of the journey. For example, they might send an envelope saying "open at the Equator" or "for your first night North of 50 degrees". However, given the state of border and customs I don't think we'll be able to bring a bunch of unmarked gifts (letters I suppose we could).

Also, traditionally, the cruisers would also be fending off unwanted, bulky gifts from well-meaning relatives that they didn't have room for on the boat like potted plants or wall hangings.

And finally everyone would have too much to drink and the poor cruisers would have to get up in the morning and sail (this may very well still happen at a small local gathering tonight).

We would like to thank everyone for their support. In particular, we would like to thank Carol's mother Marcelle for asking us every few months what she could buy for the boat and Livia's parents for being a support-and-gear logistics team extraordinaire. We are hoping to abuse your kindness more in the future.

Tomorrow morning we sail with Marcelle et Roland aboard for a week in the Gulf Islands - our fourth set of sailing guests so far. After they leave we'll be...possibly picking up another set of guests flying in from Colorado and heading North?

*Not to be confused with Mike & Rebecca's most excellent blog
**Yes, even if we've never met.


  1. Best of luck to you two. As a Pretorian owner, I'll be following your exploits with interest!

  2. Whooo-hooo! Fair winds and following seas to you. I'll have a mojito please for this virtual party, but since I am with child, I will have to virtually drink it for now ;) Wishing you all of the best. Be sure to keep a personal journal aside from the blog, you will be happy you did later.

  3. Muy Bien! Happy ventures! Looking forward to reading as your journey continues!

  4. Happy Traveling! I know your fun to suck ratio will stay firmly in the fun section! Can't wait to see you someday!

  5. Have fun, you two. We're sending you a virtual 12-volt blender, and some Oregon strawberries, with which you can make us a couple of margaritas. Hope to see you down south next year.

  6. Yeah it's finally here!

    May your journeys be long but the distance between us be short~

    We wish you good times, fair sailing, & that your voyages are ever as much as your dreams!

    ~Bon Voyage~

    Josh, Mona, & Devon :)

  7. Congratulations guys!

    We certainly hope to connect with you while you are in your Puget Sound-ish part of your cruise.

    Are you going to have an actual "Cutting the Docklines" ceremony?


  8. Congratulations!!! Hopefully, Brian and I are no more than a year behind you in terms of departure date. I hope we'll actually get to meet up with you out there somewhere and have a drink with you in person.

    Oh, and if you get a chance, your friend, Pam Malcolm, is featured in an article (Gals of the Shady Lady) in this month's 48 North.

    Happy voyaging to you! Fair winds! :-)


  9. Congratulations!

    After all your careful preparations, you can sigh, push off (most likely exhausted) & enjoy! Darren & I will watch for you as we travel south & you travel north! It would be wonderful to meet you both in person!

    Travel safe & most of all have the time of your lives!

    Darren & Cindy

  10. Set a goal... made it happen. You guys are an inspiration.

    hugs, mom

  11. Ah! I missed the virtual party but anyways would like a nice strong margarita :) Safe and smooth sailing to the both of you.

    Since it is Wednesday, I toast to....
    Ourselves (as no one else is likely to concern themselves with our welfare)


  12. I toast to a favorable "Fun to Suck ratio" :) and your health.

    *Someday* I will have a visit on your pretty boat. It will be ass-smackingly glorious :)

    Love you!!

  13. We wish you the best and look forward to hearing about your travels. Here's hoping we meet you in the future when we "set sail" in 2011/2012. Cheers!

  14. @Everyone - Thank you!
    @Bob - We cut a dockline -- is that a ceremony? :)
    @Lisa - Already saw the article, funny!!



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