The Estrellita Report: 2010 Update #1

This is it. We are starting our sailing voyage in 4 days and we plan to continue until it is no longer fun.

The first 13 months will be in and around British Columbia and Washington State. Next summer we will probably head South to California and then Mexico...but who knows.

We have been working hard to be ready to leave the docks and although we have another set of projects to complete before we head South, we are ready to go.

It is difficult to convey how exciting of a moment this is for us. Our transition to cruising will be easier than it is for many people because we will begin by exploring further into our own backyard rather than immediately heading off to parts unknown. Still, it is the start of a big adventure that we've dreamed about, schemed about, and sweated over.

We have been blogging regularly and we will continue to write. Mark your calendar and join us at our online BON VOYAGE PARTY on June 15th at the blog - we would love to hear from you.

Best, Livia & Carol

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