Boat Yoga

In our house boat home, boat yoga means something entirely different than yoga on a boat.

Instead of a regenerating, powerful, exhausting hour of power yoga which left me feeling like I simultaneously worked out and had a deep tissue massage, boat yoga is the process of contorting oneself into various degenerating, awkward and exhausting poses while trying not to drop something critical somewhere you can't reach during a boat project.

I need to do yoga to straighten my spine after boat yoga. And there is the problem. Where can I do yoga on the boat?

Instructors of mine used to say there is no excuse for not doing yoga, everyone has enough room to lay down a yoga mat somewhere and that is all the room you need.

Except I don't.

There is no where on the floor inside the boat the size of a yoga mat, and nowhere flat outside the boat the size of a yoga mat. I do a lot of basic sun salutations and even into chattarongas, and I'm trying to figure out what else I can do in the main salon without breaking myself or the boat. I'm nothing if not stubborn goal oriented.

And let me tell you, try doing any part of a balancing series on a moving platform!! Burly.

When I have it figured out, I'll let you know.

- Livia


  1. You could do it on the tramp between the two hulls? Oh, no, you can't. Sorry. ;)

    I do agree 100% though. Doing some nice stretching after getting all contorted while working on the boat would be great!


    PS: 34 days! WOW!

  2. Yeah, I call it "bilge yoga" because it must always be performed in some deep inaccessible nook rather than in the open. Don't forget the boat project hypothesis: if you can see it, you probably can't reach to touch it; if you are able to reach it, you probably can't see it.

  3. @Mike - That's why we call a cat our retirement boat (oh SNAP) ;) PS - this "cattiness" is just jealousy on my part regarding the tramp
    @Mark - niiiice

  4. Sadly, for me it is not only "trying not to drop something critical somewhere you can't reach during a boat project", but also "recovering something dropped during a boat project".

    From my days as an auto mechanic, I have a 24" remote "grabber" that sometimes helps, and my lovely, thoughtful wife got me this for Christmas last year.

    (Sometimes I feel like an arthroscopic surgeon!)

  5. Nathan understands "boat yoga." Unfortunately I have yet to experience this painful exercise. The closest I have come is 88' Ford Ranger Yoga: getting curled up underneath the (open) hood of the truck above the engine while trying to change out an electrical component on the distributor!

  6. Somehow - I can't imagine how - you forgot to mention that the mat was replaced by either a longish bolt in the spine or a hose clamp somewhere worse.

    Yes, catamarans have nice tramps, but narrow bows and transoms offer some of the most advanced yoga oportunities as well!

  7. Just think of the killer core muscles you'll have if you do manage to build moving boat deck balance. Burly will bow down to you.

  8. @Lauren - You'll just have to come visit to experience it yourself.
    @Drew - Ugh. Like a canoe stern boat.
    @Willowjp4 - I can dream.



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