The journey to expertise

We are not experts by far but we are substantially less stupid ignorant inexperienced than 3 years ago when we bought this boat.

In fact, we now have a small cache of boat wisdom to share with others. The kind of tenuous, only partially tested wisdom where you fully expect to change your mind and might even do so mid-sentence, but wisdom nonetheless.

We've been able to share that wisdom a few times lately and it feels good to give back. It also feels good to not flounder, to have some bedrock of experience to stand on even if it is only our experience and relatively unformed.

Sometimes we are just sharing information with others who have the same level of experience as us, but a few times lately we've been able to talk to people who are interested in buying a boat and preparing it to cruise...and we actually had something wise to say to them.

Or at least we felt wise while saying it. Maybe we'll change our minds next week.

- Livia


  1. Hi Livia -

    None of us ever completes that journey... we're all on it.

    Would you consider writing up some of that cache, to share with others via my series on that subject?

    I believe it is good for us to pay it forward with what we have learned.

    s/v Eolian

  2. We are all ears. Please do continue to share!

  3. @Bob - Delighted. I emailed you.
    @Mike - Bien sur!