Blog binge distillation

I read far too many blogs and I am certain that I am going to have some sort of internet withdrawal crisis when we leave the dock in just over 3 months.

Three recent tidbits selected carefully from my binging for your viewing pleasure:

A laugh-out-loud post about buying your wife a birthday gift from SV Sereia.

Our good friends aboard SV Io who left last year and are now in Mexico swimming with whale sharks. If you don't have time for the entire video don't miss the mouth footage at around 2:25.

SV Kiwi Roa's trip to Patagonia. In particular scroll about half way down for the glacier photo. Unbelievable.



  1. As promised, I found this one useful too


  2. @X - Ahhh, yes, we've definitely seen that one. In fact, they have "been here".