Sailing for 5 days

As proof that liveaboards, and people very close to cruising and in the throes of boat prep, still sail I thought I would let you know that we are happily heading out for a 5 day trip.

Current plan is Becher Bay on today's easterly winds and then to hunker down in that protected anchorage as some strong westerlies move through.

Photo courtesy of Peter Nash Real Estate.

Other "plans" include celebrating our "100 days to go" on Saturday, napping, studying for my HAM licence, cooking nice meals, hiking and rowing the dinghy around.

Trip report to follow. Our blog will "update itself" over the next few days.

- Livia



  1. How is your HAM studying going? I was hoping to take the exam in March, but then I got a lot of freelance work suddenly and wasn't able to study at all. I've currently put that on hold, but look forward to hearing how you're doing! What book(s) are you using?

  2. Have a great sail. Very much enjoyed the time chatting about cruising preps on Thurs. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy preparation schedule.


  3. @Jenny - I'm hoping to take the test in the next few weeks if I can get it scheduled. Oy. I should write a post about studying for it. I'm not sure how much the Canadian test differs from the US.
    @X - We had fun having you over - any time - and you are required now to keep us up to date with your own forming plans.