Becher Bay, British Columbia

The weekend was so picture perfect that we broke our camera. Well, actually I broke the camera 6 months ago by dropping it in the sand but it limped along until the first day of this trip when our poor Canon SD stopped working for good. I have a few pre-freeze pictures and some low quality stills I took with our video camera.


Our trip to Becher Bay was much more interesting than we expected. We were medium excited about going to Becher Bay. We had not been here before and it was nice to see a new place but even after we dropped anchor I told Carol that it was picturesque, and I would come again, but it wasn’t anything to hurry back to. There are so many jaw drop beautiful places in BC and WA that we have high standards for pretty.


However two things changed our mind: our crab catch and East Sooke Regional Park.

Carol setting our crab trap from our West Marine brand double inflatable kayak (with backbone):


On crab trap round one we caught two legal sized crabs but one was female so we had one tasty appetizer:


The day after dropping anchor, we kayaked around Wolf Island and across Campbell Cove to East Sooke park. We beached the kayak, changed out of our foul weather bibs and PFDs and hiked some absolutely gorgeous rugged coastline with perfect sandy beaches. There were not too many people around although I imagine that the beach is a madhouse in the summer.

On the way to the park we passed some seals sunning on the rocks. A common sight around here.


On crab trap round two we caught 5 crabs, all male, two of legal size and we had a late afternoon post hike feast:


Saturday was our “100 days to go party”. At Carol’s university there was a traditional party for seniors when there was only 100 days until graduation. We decided to celebrate our 100 days to go by doing a mini wine tasting. We bought 3 bottles of wine, one each from Spain, France and Italy, put them in brown bags, poured them into 3 wine glasses and wrote tasting notes in our logbook before unveiling the bottles. For the first time I think we differed substantially from each other in our rankings. Two of the three wines changed dramatically from opening to breathing and with the meal. I’m going to go buy a few more bottles of the Spanish (my favorite).

Sunday was a part lazy day, part boat project day. The wind forecast and the head cold I was developing sent us back on Monday instead of Tuesday. The good news is that we were able to sail most of the way there and the entire way back.

Anchorage notes: Power cables strung across bay behind Wolf Island – anchorage in Murder Bay is very rolly with any swell.

- Livia


  1. mmmmmmmmm crab, we have the clams to go with it!

  2. Clams sound fantastic right about now.

  3. Those rocky BC islands look amazingly similar to the hundreds of islands in Lake Huron's North Channel. Great blog...I look forward to following your journey!

  4. We have a video that we'll post if we ever get it off the camera!



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