Alternators and Pancakes

Carol spent the weekend putting our new alternator onto the boat engine. More on that later.

Instead, you, dear reader, get pictures of pancakes.

While Carol was cramming his body into the engine compartment and dealing with the electrical system, I headed down to visit my parents and entertain my nephew with food dye and pancake batter.

I *did* think about the boat:

Happy boat thoughts:

- Livia



  1. You know for certain that the green stuff isn't antifreeze from the work he did on the boat?!

    Fun cakes! As soon as I find maple syrup in this town, I'm going to steal the idea.

  2. Hey Livia and Carol, good to see you're still living aboard and having fun! Gord and I are back in Nanaimo for now, looking at boats to live aboard. Maybe we'll see you on the water this summer! I'll let you know if/when the big move takes place. Cheers,
    Sandi & Gord (Malibu Club, Princess Louisa Inlet)

  3. @The Goudies - If it was antifreeze, it tasted GREAT :)

    @Sandi&Gord - So great to hear from you. We just told our story of being iced in to friends last night. Good luck with the boat search and do stay in touch.