Dreaming of Mato



IMG_9235 (2)Another dream.


Another memory of being snuggled up between reefs, in mind blowing blues and greens, in unbelievably clear water.


It’s another one of those many, many cruising experiences I can’t convey in words and can only capture a sideways glimpse of with photos.


I sit down to blog about it and I think how overused the words that I want to select are, even though I *swear* that this time the colors really were blowing my mind and the clarity of the water was actually difficult to believe.


When I give up trying to explain and say “you have to have been there”, I say it because I wish that for other people. I wish that they could see something this intense, float in it, and let it sink in slowly over hours, over days, over different angles of light and different levels of view. I was so glad to be able to take our friends from “back home” to Ilot Mato to share it with them.


Places like this are why I am out here.

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