Critter Report

P1070081It has been quite a while since we posted a critter report and we’ve seen a lot of fun ones in New Caledonia.


The most novel of which are sea snakes. We first starting seeing these in Niue, but New Caledonia is crawling with (and swimming with) them. Carol has had several close encounters with the buggers, crawling across his feet, giving him a little snuggle on the leg while he was wading out to get the dinghy at night.


They are gorgeous and we see them and their skin all over the place.


We saw a dugong from far away but didn’t get a picture.


We’ve seen heaps of turtles. HEAPS!


turtle carol 02So many turtles that when we had friends visiting we decided to have a turtle selfie competition at Phare Amedee which Carol won hands down (see left).


We have had regular visits from dolphins and one set of mother-baby humpbacks in which the mom was breaching and the calf was making hilarious attempts at mimicking.


The underwater scene has been varied but we’ve had some spots with lovely coral and loads of fish. That’s it for now.






  1. Stunning! We saw manta rays jumping, and a sea snake and turtles but no dugongs. Great turtle selfie! The ones we saw were a bit shy when we were in the water. Wish we were back there!!

    1. A lot of wind and a lot of sun lately!