Day Two: Mehetia and Upwind Cruising

Carol Pre-breakfast
- Last of the baguette
- Rillette de canard

- Scrambled eggs with smoked turkey

- Sliced mild chorizo on baguette with cucumber slices
- Handfull of spicy tortilla chips

- Smoked turkey, carots and peas in white sauce

- Remainder spicy tortilla chips
- Pear and orange

We tacked near Mehetia which is a small pyramid shaped island SE of Tahiti (17 52.6S, 148 07W). The island seemed to have an Estrellita magnet installed as we were fighting light flukey winds and our tacks always seemed to have us pointing at Mehetia.

Today was one of those "why are we doing this days" where the lightness of the wind, combined with its sudden shifts in angle make tacking into challenging. The actual sailing has been beautiful -- great weather, flat seas -- but when you know that you are hardly making any way toward your intended goal it takes some of the pleasure out of it.

Thankfully the winds filled in by early evening and we sailed nicely throughout the night. It's always easier to fight for miles during daylight.

We've been sleeping like champions. I don't know if it is the flat seas or the aftermath of a stressful few months but we are both sacking out hard and feeling rested because of it. Carol takes the watch at 5am and feeds himself something until I get up around 9am and cook breakfast.

Wait, what? Rewind. Livia does all of the cooking?! Yes, at least on passages I do. Carol get nauseated just slicing a carrot down below. He can eat, navigate, whatever he wants downstairs, but the second he starts food prep he gets green. It works out well because I'm quite happy to never do dishes underway.

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