Day 3: All kinds of sailing

- Scrambled eggs with smoked turkey and chopped tomatoes

- Tortillas rolled with rillete de canard

- Smoked turkey curry on rice

- Trail mix
- Pear and orange
- Cucumber slices

We've had all different kinds of sailing today. Light flukey winds, 3 knots of wind (and a few hours of motoring), lovely 8-11 knot winds, and squalls.

The third day of a shorter-than-a-week passage is often my favorite. We're both in the groove by then. We've settled into whatever routines are needed for that passage. Radio check in schedules* and weather download best times have been sorted out. Usually the third day is when I start sleeping soundly on every off watch although that started on the first day this time.

By the third day we've also set up the boat fully for passage. On the first day we are often still running preventers or other lines we might need. In the first two days we are hunting down things inside the boat that are knocking or banging and need cushioning or restraining. Although the boat is "safe" on the first day, the third day is usually when it starts feeling fully set up for sea.

*We often check in on the Pacific Seafarers' Net at 0330Z on 14,300USB and we're on the roll call right now.


  1. My Christmas menu is a little more extensive than yours is guys but you have my environment
    and mode of transport beat hands down. Seasons Greetings to you both and all who follow your
    blog. Stay safe and enjoy.

    1. Ha! And thanks Jim. Happy Holidays (belatedly) to you as well.