The Cruisers (Prepper, Doer, Armchair or Otherwise) FutureMe Challenge

Yeah, yeah, cruisers aren't supposed to like plans. But we make them and we do love to dream about future destinations. I love dreaming and planning. Plans are great as long as the word is flexible.

My non-boating friends should definitely play as well.

So, where will you be in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? Even more fun, where will your friends be in 1, 2 and 3 years?

The Cruisers (Prepper, Doer, Armchair or Otherwise) FutureMe Challenge: Instructions

1) Get a glass of wine (or whatever) and sit around with someone you like to chat with and discuss the following questions. Or, keep your thoughts private and do this in your cubicle or at your nav station.
  • Where will you be in 1 year? 2 years? 3 years? 
  • Where will your friends be in 1, 2 and 3 years?
  • If you like, where will the crew of Estrellita 5.10b be in 1, 2, and 3 years?
2)  Go to* and write yourself an email answering those questions. Change the delivery date to Nov 1, 2015. Add this text to the end of your email: "Go to and report back!" Send this email.

3) Important: will send a validation email to the address you used. You must click on the link to validate your request or the email will not be sent (in the future).

4)  In 2 years, will send your email to the address you specified. When you receive your email, click on the link and report back here. How far off (or not) were you?

Carol and I have a bottle of wine and are going to sit down watching the sunset over Tahiti and play right now!

*I have no affiliation with this service. I have used it in the past successfully with our gmail account and never noticed any spamming. They promise they don't.


  1. OK, Livia, we're up to the challenge. I posted 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and 10-year letters. We'll see and report back.

    -Steve & Lulu

    1. Oh good! 10 years boggles my mind. I know of at least a dozen people doing this so far. Tell anyone you think might enjoy it.

  2. We did this 3 years ago in Australia. We should now be in the Caribbean, so we got the right continent but the wrong ocean. :) not too bad I suppose...

  3. Ha! How cool. Great minds and all...hope to hear from you in 2 years. Carol and I had different predictions so at least one of us is wrong!

  4. It has been 2 years!

    What did Team Giddyup say? End of 2014/2015/2016 respectively.

    Carol thinks: Marshalls, Australia, Hong Kong,
    Livia thinks: Marshalls, Fiji, Australia

    What has actually happened:

    Fiji 2014/Australia 2015*/???

    What will 2016 hold? We said we would decide when we got to Australia...

    *prepping for this passage in the next few weeks.



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