Liquid Motivation: Post Whores

PhotoGrid_1381450010067 As it turns out, we are post whores.

As Carol always says, “I’m easy but not cheap”, or as I used to say as a consultant, “You can’t buy my opinion but you can buy my time.”.

It turns out that aboard SV Estrellita 5.10b, blog posts are actually for sale. Well, the content isn’t for sale but the topics definitely are.

Our Paris Fan Club (membership: 1 as far as I know) has asked us if we might post a little more about our feelings on the Pretorien after more than 6 years of ownership and more than 3 years of full time cruising.

photo 3_20131021155643734It’s a great topic, and though Doug O was not seriously trying to buy a post (but he could, they are seriously for sale…bring it), we will be addressing the topic shortly.

Thank you Doug O for two rounds of happy hour “proper” beers in Tahiti and a night of live music accompanied by a round of “not happy hour” drinks a different night.

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