2011 Southbound from BC/WA Cohort…2 years later

GOPR3661 (Updated Aug 6, 2013)

In 2011, the year that we sailed from Tofino to San Francisco, I gathered a list of boats that were heading South from BC or WA and who were blogging about their passages. I published that list with a direct link to the departure posts from each of their blogs here.

A reader recently asked if I had a list of 2013 Southbound boats which I do not – does anyone here? That request plus seeing our departure anniversary on our calendar made me wonder what other boats were doing 2 years after leaving BC/WA.

2 years seems like a reasonable first follow-up because after 2 years one could imagine that a fair number of people would have finished their cruise. In some cases people stopped blogging so I’ve listed the last available public info. You may know private info about the boat but if so, please email me privately. I prefer not to list anything non-blogged about here. Here is what I could find publicly online:
  • Adesso - In Mexico?
  • Artemis - unknown.
  • Bella Star - cruising through the South Pacific (jumped 2013).
  • Deep Playa – finished cruise, sold boat, living in Hawaii.
  • Eagle - cruising in Mexico.
  • Estrellita - cruising in French Polynesia (jumped 2012).
  • Iridium - cruising in Mexico.
  • Last Mango – finished cruise, sold boat.
  • Luckness - returned to Pacific Northwest.
  • Madrone - returned to Pacific Northwest.
  • Miramar  - cruising in Mexico.
  • Nautimoments - returned to Pacific Northwest.
  • Navigo - returned to Pacific Northwest. 
  • Nyon - cruising through the South Pacific (jumped 2013).
  • Pearl - returned to Pacific Northwest?
  • Shannon – sold boat, planning to upsize and return to Mexico 2013/14.
  • Silhouette - on passage from NZ back to the South Pacific.
  • Sockdolager - sailed to NZ 2012 and shipped boat back to N America.
  • Wondertime - living in New Zealand.


  1. Hi Livia and Carol. We've followed your travels and have really enjoyed your blog. We are cruising Mexico and plan on being here another year at least. We've been traveling inland through Mexico for the past two months and will continue our tour until November. Miramar is tucked away in Puerto Vallarta. In November we'll head south until the spring of 2014. We then plan on sailing up into the Sea of Cortez and will spend the summer in the sea. In November 2014 we'll leave Mexico and head south to Panama. At least that's our intentions!!!



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