What are your Pacific vs Atlantic stereotypes?

You might remember our post about the influence of region on "expertise" and ZTC's post about the same topic which sparked a bit of discussion on their facebook page.

The discussion brought up the stereotypes people have about regions without having traveled there.

For example, having never been in the Atlantic, based purely on watching other people's blogs, I have the following stereotypes as compared to the Pacific (what I've seen of it so far).

I assume that in the Caribbean:
- wifi is more ubiquitous
- people spend more time with other cruisers
- there are more funky bars
- anchorages are more crowded on average
- the locals are a little more burnt out on tourists
- a lot of N Americans have taken up semi-permanent residence in the area (like the French do in French Polynesia)
- people dive less

I have the following stereotypes about the experience of N American cruisers who have left from the "right" coast. They are:
- more concerned about having shoal draft
- less concerned about having a wind vane
- less likely to have done any long passages

Remember, I mean "on average". Of course, any one cruiser could seek out, experience or be something completely different.

What are your Pacific vs Atlantic stereotypes?

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