1000 days of cruising

Today is 1000 days of cruising, or vagabonding as we like to call it, particularly when we just spent 3 months off of our boat.

We are celebrating by taking a cruise. Seriously.

Of course our cruise ship is the Cobia, one of the French Polynesian interisland lifelines which transports goods and a few people and we are taking the cruise in our to het from Tahiti, where international flights stove, to our boat at Apataki *with* hundreds of pounds of luggage plus groceries purchased at the megastores of Tahiti. We will spend one night aboard the Cobia before arriving at Apataki in the Tuamotus to rejoin SV Estrellita 5.10b.

Full report on the Cobia experience to follow. With no WiFi at the haul out facility and several weeks of work ahead of us I won't be uploading any new posts for a bit. Just rolling out some pre-scheduled posts from our time in Tahiti.

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