The Critter (Eating) Report a.k.a. Hunting & Gathering

The South Pacific has rock lobster (langouste in French) and although not as delicious as lobster (homar in French), they are still quite tasty, particularly when in quantity and given to us by friends.

langouste langouste

Our fishing prowess has been on the rise since we were given a new lure by a friend in Maupiti (Thank you Vai!). We hadn’t caught a fish on a line since leaving Mexican waters (!) and not for lack of trying. Between French Polynesia and the Cook Islands we caught both a skipjack and a barracuda.

skipjack barracuda

Despite not having a machete, a lack we need to rectify soon, we are developing our skills at opening green coconuts for drinking with our hatchet. It is very satisfying to be on a hike, feel thirsty, and to grab a green coconut, hack it open and drink it right there. In a green coconut you can also scrape out the jelly inside and eat it which is IMHO quite tasty.

IMG_6745 (1280x853) IMG_6746 (1280x853)

Finally we have the delicious mawa (?sp), a snail we’ve grown fond of in French Polynesia.

IMG_6694 (1280x853) IMG_6695 (1280x853)

Snails cooked (right) and stone discs and edible parts (left)IMG_6698 (1280x853)

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