Black tipped sunset

IMG_6729 (853x1280)One night, when we were in Mopelia, we had no wind and thus dead calm water. The water clarity was high and with not a ripple in the water it was if the sharks circling our boat were swimming in air. In fact, the only way I knew the sharks were below water is because there were no ripples. When their fins would occasionally break the surface they would leave a wake.

We came out on deck with a glass of red wine and spent an hour watching them. We don’t know why they circle the boat. When we drop anchor in an atoll we fairly regularly get a colony of small fish eating at the crap growing on the bottom of our boat. Often, we have a bunch of remora who hang out hoping we’ll throw our compost overboard. With the remora often come a few small black tipped sharks who include us in their back and forth search pattern. They come to the boat if there is a splash but once they see that the splash is us swimming, they turn away.

Here is a series of photos taken that evening of the black tips and one of a remora. I snuck one in of a shark with our kayak, and a shark with fin breaking the surface for perspective. All pictures taken from the deck of our boat (i.e., out of water!).

Black tips in Mopelia Black tips in Mopelia Shark and Remora  Black tip breaking surfaceBlack tip in Mopelia  Black tips in Mopelia Remora/shark sucker


  1. Magical. It looks like you took the pics underwater.

  2. Incredible! It is crystal clear. Looks like something out of a HD movie.

    Truly something amazing to behold. You took me out of my office for a moment.



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