Spear fishing in Mopelia

IMG_6756 (1280x853)

IMG_6753 (1280x853)Carol speared his first fish in Mopelia. He has a Hawaiian sling not a spear gun which makes the hunt more difficult or more sporting depending on how you look at it. I think in hindsight we might have bought a spear gun.

IMG_6750 (853x1280)Looking at these pictures I still can’t get over the color of water – no photoshopping on these, just the brilliant blue of the water on a sunny day in Mopelia.

Carol went out with Edgar and although he didn’t spear anything with Edgar he must have learned something because he speared a gorgeous Trevally a few days later.

While we were in Mopelia Edgar was fitting his motorboat with a sail. Without a keel he couldn’t make his way upwind but he could save gas by sailing at least one direction when he went fishing. He stopped by and picked up Carol and they swam to a nearby reef with the boat in tow.

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