Not Dead Yet

We’ve been too remote for internet access for a while now and unable to upload anything with pictures although I continued to write semi-regularly. As is usually the case on this blog, the posts come out when I have internet access and so the content of our blog is almost always out of date. We are currently sitting on the porch of the CICC (Cook Islands Christian Church) Minister’s house in Penryhn, enjoying his hospitality and internet.

Here is a little photographic proof for our families, that we are having fun and relaxing…um…in case anyone doubted it.

  Carol at Suwarrow Picnic in Mopelia on Bird Motu

On our way kiteboarding Carol and skipjack  Livia in hammock Carol at Maupiti Livia drinking coconut waterIMG_6689 (853x1280)


  1. Carol, you got the quintessential tropical palm tree picture! You guys look amazing -- and amazingly happy. Miss you tons!
    Love from Bella Star.

  2. 828 days?!!!! Oh my. Glad we met up with you guys in Mexico! Love you

  3. I've been wondering about you guys! Glad to see you're not dead yet and enjoying some time off the grid.

    Here's a submission for your next Q&A session: how much of your current diet comes from hunting and gathering vs. stocked provisions? How much of what you bought in Mexico is left?

  4. A-maz-ing!
    Just so you know I'm teaching Yguy to whizz off the bow and down wind. It's not your everyday potty-training, but I think it'll prove useful in the future. ;)

    Loving your adventure!