Liquid Motivation

We splurged big time with our most recent liquid motivation check.

Eating out in French Polynesia is rare for us because of the expense. I actually find that overall we are spending less money because we are more careful and since arriving in French Polynesia we have had only two special meals. Yvonne’s restaurant on Nuku Hiva was delicious and our first goat-coconut dish. Our second meal was at the White Sands Resort.

We decided we were going to have a date night, dressed nicely, with cocktails at a fancy schmancy resort and it is thanks to you, readers, that we were able to do so. We took our last check from the ads on this site and bought ourselves an evening of luxury in paradise at the White Sands Resort.

Drinks at White Sands

I had a “Tuamotus Vanille” which was something with vanilla bean and dark rum (yummy, yummy) and Carol had a strong Mai Tai. With two options for entrees on the menu, we each ordered one and changed plates half way. One dish was all seafood with basmati rice in a delicious sauce and the other was steak, potatoes and veggies.

We had a long slow meal with excellent service and a lovely setting. Afterwards we sat on a couch overlooking the water enjoying the stars, the night, and the light breeze rustling the coconut palms.

Thank you, thank you, to you all for a much needed night out.

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